Aberdeenshire Youth Bank

We are thrilled to announce a grant of £1,000 from Aberdeenshire Youth Bank to support our young people to facilitate positive change for the autistic community. The funding will assist us to ensure the autistic community’s voices are heard.

A group of Triple A's young people, who are passionate about creating positive change around autism, will attend various meetings and workshops with the Scottish Government, Local Authority, NHS and other professionals. They will continue to connect regularly with our over 60 members to gain their views, experiences and ideas in relation to supporting autists and highlighting the issues the autistic community face. The group will then feed this information into consultations and meetings, bringing an autistic perspective to the people influencing policy that directly affect their lives.

Given many of these events are held in central Scotland we were limited to how many events we could attend. This generous grant will cover travel and volunteer expenses allowing us to attend more meetings and workshops over the coming year.

Emma Stanley

One Stop Shop Aberdeen - Our Story so Far

Christmas and New Year are coming up soon, and the One Stop Shop Aberdeen will be taking a 2 week break. We will finish on the 21st December, returning as normal on the 7th January. Feel free to contact us during that time, and we will get back to you as soon as we can on our return. Our last drop in session of the year will be next Tuesday, the 18th December, and weekly drop ins will resume on 8th January.

As we close up for the holidays, we have been reflecting back on where we started, and what we have achieved so far this year. Thinking about how we came about, and we would like to share that with you all.

Why did we set up?

We would not be here if it had not been for the Triple As, and the Triple As would not have existed without the support from the old One Stop Shop which closed down two and a half years ago. The old shop gave the Triple As a secure location allowing them to flourish and grow into amazing charity they are now. It provided support, much needed signposting, helped people deal with benefits, and possibly most importantly, friendly staff who took the time to sit and talk with people when they needed it. When it closed down, the autism community lost a very precious resource.


One positive is that various different groups began covering some of the things the old shop helped with, but there was still a loss, still people looking for support that other groups could not cover. The Triple As started getting asked to provide services that their overstretched staff could not provide. Alastair Meek, the manager of the Triple As consulted with the Employability Training Providers Forum for their perspective on the need for a new one stop shop. He also spoke with the local autistic community, and reached out to the wider autism community. He gathered a small team and together we created questionnaires, survey monkeys and talked to everyone we could about whether or not a new shop was needed. The overwhelming response was that it was needed, it was sorely missed, and that it should never have gone away.

Why did we choose the name?

The One Stop Shop name is one that does have associations, and we were cautious taking in on. Consistency is something we autistic people do tend to like, but we also contacted all the other One Stop Shops across Scotland. We received good wishes and support from them in return, and no concerns about the use of the name. We continue to value the knowledge and support from the other shops. We decided on One Stop Shop Aberdeen as it’s specifically for this area.

Who is involved?

Our team has evolved over the year, but currently we are hosted and supported by the Triple As, and working in partnership with Me Too! We also have several members of our team associated with the Scottish Women’s Autism Network. Our team comprises of autistic people, autistic parents of autistic children, non autistic parents of autistic children, and some very good allies. We believe that our close contact with the local and wider Scottish autistic community is one of our greatest assets.

So what do we do?

Primarily we set up to signpost to other services which support autists and their families. This will continue to be our primary service, and we are enjoying meeting with other service providers and learning about what is out there in Aberdeen. The other main service which has evolved over this year is supporting people and organisations to develop their knowledge and understanding about autism and what it is like to be autistic. We have been delighted to work with TechFest and Union Square amongst others to develop their services and we applaud their dedication to supporting the autistic community. We believe that autistic people should play a key role in helping others understand autism – nothing about us without us. Our lived experiences have helped non autistic parents to better understand their autistic children, helped other groups and charities to see the potential autistic people can have, and we have done some serious myth busting about autism. We have been pleased to share our experiences and insights, and we have been delighted to help others see the joy being autistic, or having an autistic family member can bring. Training in autism is something we look to do more of next year as we have repeatedly been told that autism training from an autistic perspective is invaluable. We are the One Stop Shop Aberdeen, and will continue to listen to requests from service users.

As we wind down for the year, we are excited by the new challenges, new partnerships, new work next year will bring.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year!

Triple A's First Award!

Many congratulations to our very own Alastair Meek who won the Staff Member Of The Year award at Celebrate Aberdeen

Alastair was also presented the hotly contested Staff Member of the Year award and said that he “feels that the award is a recognition of the abilities shown by the group members as much, or more, than his own.”

Here’s a great video from the Celebrate Aberdeen awards. Check out Alastair Meek about 1 minute in!

Job Vacancy at Triple A's

Are you seeking a new challenge? Do you want to make a difference within the autistic community? Yes, then we have a great opportunity for you!

Autism Awareness Association, known as Triple A’s, is an entirely autistic Peer Led Support charity. This means all of our Board Members, Staff and frontline Volunteers are autistic. We have an innovative, simple and effective model providing support to autists and the autistic community. Primarily we run peer support groups enabling autists to be social in a natural, comfortable and supported environment. We also provide additional services; one to one support, mentoring and autist led training. We have a fantastic and diverse team of staff and volunteers for you to join. Triple A’s ethos is to support members to develop freedom of choice, increasing confidence & selfesteem, decrease social isolation and work towards a more independence life

Download the job description for the postion HERE

Download the advert for the postion HERE

Download the Triple A's Application form HERE


Weekend Sessions

We are thrilled to announce Triple A’s have been awarded an incredible £46,000 of funding over the next two years - £23,000 from The Robertson Trust and £23,000 from Peoples Health Trust with money raised by Health Lottery Scotland. The new funding will facilitate the charity opening its doors 7 days per week!

The new Weekend Sessions will begin in November 2018, programme as follows:

Saturday :
1pm-3pm - Video Games Group.
1pm-3pm - Girl's Group.

There's a certain amount of assumption that if girls want to be in both, they'll be able to switch on a weekly basis.

3pm-5pm - Teenaged Group.
6pm-8pm Drama Group.

Please note that if people are interested in both afternoon and evening groups, the time between 5pm and 6pm is for staff to have a break, so some arrangements will need to be made.

Sunday :
1pm-5pm - Board Games Group.
1pm-5pm - Cosplay Group.

As with the Video Games/Girls group there's a certain amount of ability for people to switch between these two groups on a weekly basis.

Other Groups :
We are once again planning an Art Group, but do not have a time slot at present, if you are interested please get in touch.

If you are interested in any of these groups please contact us.
For more information email: Alastair.Meek@triplea.uk.com

weekend sessions
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Celebrate Aberdeen Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce that our very own Alastair Meek is a finalist for the Celebrate Aberdeen Awards 2018 - Staff Member Of The Year.

Celebrate Aberdeen Awards 2018

His hard work and dedication are an inspiration to us all and we wish him all the best.

Autistic Pride 2018

The first Autistic Pride event in Aberdeen was held on 16 June 2018 at Hazelhead Park. Our members got involved in helping to creating the Awesomeness of Autism leaflet, go and check it out and share with the world.

View Autistic Pride 2018 flyer page 1HERE

View Autistic Pride 2018 flyer page 2HERE

Autistic Price 2018

It was a lovely chilled day of bubbles and smiles and we are looking forward to next years event!

Aberdeen City Health and Social Partnership - Autism in Aberdeen

On Friday 25th of May, Aberdeen City Health and Social Partnership want to hear our views on what is needed for the local Autism Strategy - in other words, so we can suggest ways that they can help us. I'm happy to say that Triple As will be hosting three time slots for this, all of which are at our room in Unit 6, Crombie Lodge*

Autism in Aberdeen

The three timeslots available are at 2pm, 5pm, and 7pm. The 5pm slot is particularly of interest to members of the Triple A’s - we requested that one of the sessions be specifically for autistic people. While we are quite welcome at the other times, this group will ONLY be available for autists.

This means we can be heard for what we need, with fewer worries about other voices overtaking ours. This is something I'm very pleased that has been decided for this event, and so hopefully a lot of us will be able to take advantage of it. If you want more information, please get in touch with me by messaging the facebook page or talking with me in person!

We are trying to organise someone to be present to keep an eye on children, since there has been some confusion over child-watching services, but cannot guarantee childcare.

Please be aware that while autism, and autism support, are difficult topics, attacking those who are trying to help us does not benefit us.

* There's a guide to reaching us on our website, and we'll have a sign outside by our door just off the carpark.

Download PDF for the event HERE

New One Stop Shop Aberdeen

The Triple A’s, an autism peer led charity, are working in partnership with Me Too!, to establish a new One Stop Shop. The wonderful team at Me Too!, publish the free quarterly guide for families affected by disability and are the leading provider of relaxed sessions in Aberdeen City and Shire, to make the city more accessible to all. The OSS is a vital and much missed service which closed in summer 2015. The closure has caused much stress for both the autistic community and their families, many of whom wish to see the service resurrected.

The intention is to establish a new full time One Stop Shop in the city. This will, however, take time. The decision has been taken to provide a volunteer led One Stop Shop in the meantime which will run on a Tuesday between 11am – 2pm at Triple A’s premises – Autism Awareness Association, Unit 6 Crombie Lodge, Aberdeen Innovation Park, Campus 2, Balgownie Drive, Aberdeen, AB22 8GU. You can find travel information to find us on Triple A’s website www.triplea.uk.com. The new volunteer OSS service will open on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

This new One Stop Shop service is proposed to provide signposting and support to autists and their families, similar to the previous service. In addition to this, we are very aware of the difference a service like the One Stop Shop can make in people’s lives. If you have knowledge of services and charities in the local area you feel would be beneficial for us to hold on our database we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact hello@oss-aberdeen.co.uk or on our Facebook page.

We have prepared a short questionnaire to show levels of the demand for the service and would appreciate as many views as possible to assist us moving the project forward. The survey can be found with the following link -here


Zip Ware & Kilt Walk 2018

A huge thank you to all our fundraisers this year for raising an amazing £1,044.00!

Here is some photos from the events. If you would like to get involved with fundraising for us in 2019 please get in touch either on our facebook page or by emailing hello@triplea.uk.com

Zipwire Zipwire Zipwire
Kiltwalk Zipwire

The Book of Many Textures


One of Triple A's great friends has created a brilliant item called the Book of Many Textures and we thought some of you may find this helpful.
The Book of Many Textures is a small lightweight collection of textures for everyday use in tactile stimming.

10 different texture pages, bound in a wallet-like cover, It’s about 3.5” by 3.5”.

For more information see attached information and check out the facebook page

Download PDF of poster for texture book HERE

Download PDF FAQ for texture book HERE

Lottery Funding

As many of you will know this has been an extremely busy year for Triple A’s and you will see we have secured funding to cover current staffing levels from the Big Lottery Fund for a huge 5 years!!!

We are all delighted and excited for the future as we expand Triple A’s.

Watch this space!

big lottery fund

Outdoors Group


We are delighted to host a new outdoor group which has been generously funded by the Greggs Foundation. The group has started gently with small gentle walks which will build up to longer hikes in spring 2018, updates on plans will be posted on our facebook page

Plans are also afoot to provide adventure weekends and hiking / camping trips in 2018. Let us know your ideas for outdoors activities for us to arrange next year.

Anyone interested in joining this group please contact Alastair Meek – email Alastair.Meek@triplea.uk.com

Triple A's Open Day

Triple A's would like to thank everyone that attended our Open Day which had a fantastic turn out with over 50 autists, family members and professionals attending, a great success.
Thank you to everyone who came along, it was great to meet you.

For more information please click here

Open Day

Triple A's Open Day

Crombie Lodge

Triple A's are holding an Open Day on 2nd June 2017 at our new premises at Unit 6 Crombie Lodge, Balgownie Drive, Aberdeen, AB22 8GU. If you'd like to find about who we are and what we do you please join us any time between 12pm - 7pm. We hope to see you there!

For more information please click here


Triple A's move to new premises!

We are excited to announce we have moved to a new premises at Unit 6 Crombie Lodge, Balgownie Drive, Bridge of Don Aberdeen.

This is Triple A’s first sole premises allowing us to provide more groups and services supporting autists in the city and shire.

Keep checking our website and Facebook page for more announcements coming up soon!

Crombie Lodge
Triple A's big lottery fund